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Tasha Clarkson is the girl who moves in next door in season 2. Chris is in love with her but she wants to keep their relationship platonic. She dated and dumped him near the end of Season 4. According to Chris, she is the only girl who doesn't hate him.


In Everybody Hates Rejection, while Keisha moves away, Chris prepares for his first date with a new girl from the neighborhood. Meanwhile, a nosy new neighbor, Louise, Tasha's grandmother, moves in next door and pressures Rochelle to organize a neighborhood watch patrol. At the end Chris also meets a new girl that moved next door, Tasha Clarkson who befriend with Chris.

First role[]

Tasha called Chris to come over her house for a favor, there was a dead mouse in her closet and she wanted him to dispose of it. After Chris got rid of the mouse , Tasha thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek then left. Jerome saw and mistakingly thinks Chris and Tasha are going out. Chris replies "Well, you know" (the same reply he gave everyone) which leads to rumors going around town making everybody think that he is going out with Tasha. Tasha goes to Doc's to pick up some items, when she hears Chris talking with some girls. The girl was giving Chris props for getting Tasha to be his girlfriend, he again replied with "Well you know", then Tasha replies "Well, you know what?". She tells Chris that because of him, that she now has a reputation cross the town saying that She and Chris had done it. In disappointment, she leaves. As she is walking home, Chris tells everyone that he and Tasha didn't do anything, and that he only did a favor for her. Also apologizing to Tasha who without saying a word walks away. She later thanks Chris and after she thanked him, Tasha's grandmother Louise warns Chris to stay away from her.


  • Tasha is the only girl to manage to like Chris.