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Rosalie Tingman "Rochelle" Rock, (née Tingman) portrayed by Tichina Arnold, is one of the main characters in Everybody Hates Chris. Rochelle was inspired by the real Chris Rock's mother, Rose Rock. While Tichina Arnold and Rose Rock bear strong physical similarities, Rochelle's personality is over exaggerated.


Rochelle is a 36 year old mother to three children (Chris, Tonya, and Drew) and aggressive, hot headed, loud, obnoxious, strict, strong, stern, feisty, humorous, sassy, sometimes insane, but very kind and loving wife to Julius Rock. Rochelle often exaggerates to her children how "she'll slap them into next week" or "she'll slap them into another nationality". Even though she can be angered very easily, she can be softened up with a "Yes ma'am" or "I'm sorry". Rochelle loves to eat chocolate turtles, and whenever she gets nervous, she eats them.

Another running gag in show is Rochelle suspecting Julius is having an affair. Even going as far as threatening to harm him in Everybody Hates James.

Rochelle loves her children, although she can go overboard punishing them. She hates gambling, and in the episode Everybody Hates the Port Authority it is revealed that she used to help her Dad con other people in the game three card Monte. She blames Chris for things Tanya or Drew have done. Whenever Julius, Chris, Tanya, or Drew are acting suspicious she usually says, "What's going on? You actin' suspicious", "Boy be Quiet". She has some silly quotes and always makes people laugh. Rochelle is always saying that she "ain't raising no babies". When she thinks that Drew, Tonya or Chris are holding something like a baby, she usually says "Boy, is that a baby?".





  • Mike, brother
  • Charlotte, sister

Aunts & Uncles


Rochelle appeared in all episodes of Everybody Hates Chris.