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Rosalina "Rochelle" Rock, was born 1947 April 2 and is portrayed by Tichina Arnold, is one of the main characters in Everybody Hates Chris. Rochelle was inspired by the real Chris Rock's mother, Rose Rock. While Tichina Arnold and Rose Rock strong physical similarities, Miss girl's personality is over exaggerated at times which can make her a bit annoying at times.


Rochelle is a 37 year old mother to three children (Chris, Tonya, and Drew.) She can be seen as aggressive, hot headed, loud, obnoxious, strict, strong, stern, feisty, humorous, sassy, sometimes insane, but very kind and loving wife to Julius Rock. Rochelle often exaggerates to her children how "she'll slap them into next week" or "she'll slap them into another nationality." Even though she is easily angered, she can be softened by a "Yes ma'am" or "I'm sorry." Rochelle can be seen as very lazy and very dependent on Julius as she always repeatedly saying "I don't need this, my man has two jobs." Rochelle loves to eat chocolate turtles, especially when nervous. Rochelle is close friends with Peaches, Pam, and Vanessa as well as Sheila Malvo, her former enemy and her former friend, Hatti. She can also be angry when Tanya refuses to eat something as she refused to eat sausage.

Rochelle loves her children, although she can go overboard punishing them. She hates gambling, and in the episode Everybody Hates the Port Authority, it is revealed that she used to help her father con other people in the game Three-card Monte. She often blames Chris for things Tanya or Drew have done. Whenever Julius, Chris, Tanya, or Drew are acting suspicious she usually says, "What's going on? You actin' suspicious", "Boy be Quiet". She has some silly quotes and always makes people laugh. Rochelle is always saying that she "ain't raising no babies". When she thinks that Drew, Tonya or Chris are holding something like a baby, she usually says "Boy, is that a baby?" Rochelle also loves to be right, for example when her and her boyfriend/husband| Julius argue or she catches him doing something, she will be delusional aggressive and petty till she proves that he wrong even when he’s right about and she would want him to prove her right. She is also well known to always overspend possibly out of nervousness, impulsiveness/or habit, especially on name brands. She also hates food stamps possibly because she doesn't want to be seen a certain way.


  • Unnamed parents-in-law
  • Julius Rock (husband)
  • Chris (son)
  • Drew Rock (son)
  • Tonya Rock (daughter)
  • Louis (brother-in-law)
  • Ryan (brother-in-law)
  • Pete (brother-in-law)
  • Gene (father; deceased)
  • Maxine (mother)
  • Uncle Mike (older brother)
  • Charlotte (younger sister)
  • Mousey (maternal aunt)


Rochelle appeared in all episodes of Everybody Hates Chris.