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Risky, portrayed by Mike Estime, is a recurring character in Everybody Hates Chris.


Risky is a black market dealer who sells items that are always faulty or stolen. He also once had a job as a paper boy. He once sold a hockey jersey to Julius, which had the name of Wayne Gritzky, not Gretzky. The jersey also had the wrong number (98 instead of 99). Risky is mentioned when Rochelle tells Julius about how the toaster keeps getting destroyed. Moreover, Rochelle says the toasters broken, Julius replies saying, "Damn Risky!" She then says that she's pregnant for the 100th time, then says to Julius, "I thought you used a condom?" Julius replies saying, "I did...damn Risky!"


Risky appeared in 29 episodes out of all 88 episodes in Everybody Hates Chris.


  • In Everybody Hates Math, it's shown that Risky's real name is Richard on his name tag when he's working with Julius.
  • Risky happens to be responsible for bringing Chris into the world. Because he sold Julius a bad Condom.