Peaches Clarkson
Gender Female
Personal Information
Profession Ex-con (former)
Physical Information
Parents Louise Clarkson (mother)
Children Tasha Clarkson (daughter)
Friends Rochelle
Relationships Malvo
Production Information
Appeared in Everybody Hates Cake (season 4)
Episode appearances 4
Portrayed by Tisha Campbell-Martin

Peaches Clarkson is the mother of Tasha Clarkson, who came out of jail. She meets Rochelle and befriends her. It is also known that she is talkative, she keeps talking nonstop when Rochelle tries to get away from her but stops anyway when she talks to her. Peaches dated Malvo another ex-con. She is portrayed by Tisha Campbell-Martin.


Peaches is loud, ignorant, and talkative but she is kindhearted despite her bad past. She is very sensitive of her past and is in desperate need of friends, this is why she hangs out with Rochelle. She hates being called an ex-con. She can be very persuasive being able to convince Rochelle on many occasions. The one main thing they have in common is that they hate it when cops write tickets to people who parked by a fire hydrant.

Episode appearances


  • Tisha Campbell-Martin (who portrays Peaches) was Tichina Arnold's co-star on the Fox sitcom Martin, where they portrayed the characters of Gina Waters-Payne and Pamela
  • Peaches is the replacement for Sheilah as Rochelle's best friend and neighbor

"Pam" James respectively.