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Ms. Vivian Morello, (or simply better known as Ms. Morello) is a recurring character in Everybody Hates Chris. She was a teacher at Corleone Junior High School and later took up the job as the principal of Tattaglia High School. The role of Ms. Morello is portrayed by Jacqueline Mazarella.


Ms. Vivian Morello is Chris's naively racist teacher, and later his high school principal. Due to her apparent attraction to African American men, she holds a soft spot for Chris and tries to support him at every opportunity (such as giving him a Valentine's Day card out of sympathy, or giving him advice on running for the class president). In her efforts to be sweet, kind, and supportive, she makes statements that come off as racist to which she can never really realizes - such as saying that "black people" must wake up and work up fields before sunrise, that they have tendencies towards vandalism, criminality and drugs, that they often lay use of lies and blackmail to rise in life, that Chris has no father and his mother is crack-addicted, and when Chris tries to tell her the truth, she assumes Chris is lying because "he is on drugs" -, most of which Chris tolerates. After Graduation, she finally finds out about Chris' life and accuses him of lying about it despite the fact that it was her actually believing that he lives a horrible life for all theses years. Later seasons show that she is just as racist to other ethnicities as well (i.e. Hispanics, Asians), not just African-Americans. It was revealed in Everybody Hates Chris that her full name is Vivian Morello.


"Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates PSATs (#4.14)" (2009)

Ms. Morello: If you think white people are smart, wait until you get to class with the Asians.

Ms. Morello: You're like a chocolate Einstein. Chris Rock: More like a chocolate Pinocchio.

Ms. Morello: [while trying to a escape a 'fire'] Chris, You might be black, but you're not fireproof.

Chris: Can we bring a box of canned goods?

Ms. Morello: Oh, you don't have to do that, you need those things yourself!

Chris: What are you talking about? My family's doing fine.

Ms. Morello: [Sympathetic] I know. I know. Himself - Narrator: She was acting like I was having a bowl of steam for dinner!

Ms. Morello: Let me put it in your vernacular... [imitates an African American accent] Rules is rules! [snaps her fingers]

Ms. Morello: Yes, but this isn't about education. This is about punctuality. Look, can I appeal to a higher authority and have Chris promoted like we did when the vice superintendent's daughter got pregnant and missed the entire 10th grade? Yes! But you don't really want your son coddled and helped through life and all of its obstacles like some rich little white girl, do you?