Ms. Crabtree
Ms Crabtree
Gender Female
Personal Information
Profession Teacher
Physical Information
Production Information
Appeared in "Everybody Hates Minimum Wage"
Episode appearances 2 episodes
Portrayed by Eva Marcille

Ms. Crabtree is Drew's History teacher who has a crush on her in "Everybody Hates Minimum Wage". Drew is failing his class because he is unable to keep his eyes off of her so Julius comes to speak with her. After she is unaware why he comes to the school, he shows her why, asking Drew questions which Drew doesn't have no idea, so he blocks her face and Drew suddenly answer his questions. Julius then tells her she should wear some uglier clothes, in order for Drew from eye contacting her. She then gives the students a question but no one answers to her question and the students all of a sudden stares at her also other than Drew.

In "Everybody Hates Gretzky" she made another appearance, noticing that Drew was absent, she starts to shed tears after considering he was missing.