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Mr. Omar is a recurring character in Everybody Hates Chris, and is portrayed by Ernest Lee Thomas.


Mr. Omar, a funeral director, who lives above Chris and his family is their tenant and neighbor. He is seen with a different newly widowed woman for almost every appearance he makes. He claims to be just consoling these attractive women in their time of grief, though it seems very much as if he's trying to get close to them for purely sexual reason. He is known for saying his catchphrase "Tragic!". Mr. Omar often causes trouble to Chris's family, especially Julius. Such as in one episode he has to borrow their phone since his telephone got cut-off, and Julius gets mad since their phone bill is much higher than usual. The only reason he moved to Brooklyn was because his business was a success and would stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way. He is also careless when he was doing something at "Bachelor Pad" and leaves Chris there despite his young age, he was later told off by Rochelle for this (along with Chris and Tonya). He wants claimed Tragic is great. He might be actually attracted to Rochelle, when he asked her about Julius and when the latter replied that he was fine he seemed upset. He is somewhat a moocher as well since he borrowed money from Drew and then Drew threatened to do something to him if he doesn't pay him back.


Mr. Omar appeared in 33 episodes out of all 88 Everybody Hates Chris episodes.