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Robert Malvo is an ex-convict who first appeared in "Everybody Hates Malvo". He robbed Doc's store when Chris was watching the register. He threatened to beat Chris up if he told Doc about the robbery, causing Chris to get fired since he won't tell Doc who robbed the store. Eventually, Chris told Doc it was Malvo. Malvo got caught and sent to jail.

Malvo tried to steal Vanessa's gold chain in "Everybody Hates Chain Snatching", but Chris warned Vanessa, causing her to run, and causing Malvo to demand a gold chain from Chris. He continued to antagonize Chris until Julius intervened and threatened Malvo, scaring him off.

In "Everybody Hates Ex-Cons" Malvo got out of jail and was looking for Chris, not to rob him, but to ask for his help in turning his life around.

In "Everybody Hates New Year's Eve", he, Peaches, Chris and Tasha went to the ball drop in Times Square. He took Chris's wallet at the celebration, but returned it when they returned home.



  • In "Everybody Hates Chan Snatching", it was revealed that he doesn't know his father, making Julius the first father he has seen.
  • In the same episode mentioned above, when threatening Chris that he will appear in the latter's dream, he is dressed up like Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street films.