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The following is a list of episodes of the UPN/CW sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. A total of 88 episodes were produced over the course of 4 seasons airing from September 22, 2005 to May 8, 2009.

All episode titles begin with the phrase "Everybody hates....".

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
1 22 September 22, 2005 – May 11, 2006 October 10, 2006
2 22 October 1, 2006 – May 14, 2007 October 9, 2007
3 22 October 1, 2007 – May 18, 2008 August 26, 2008
4 22 October 3, 2008 – May 8, 2009

August 18, 2009

Season 1: 2005–2006

Series # Season # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
1 1 "Everybody Hates the Pilot" Reginald Hudlin Story by: Chris Rock & Ali LeRoi

Teleplay by: Ali LeRoi

September 22, 2005 101

Chris (Tyler James Williams) commutes to a predominately white school to fulfill his mother, Rochelle's (Tichina Arnold) wish for a better education. Chris's family are moving out of the Projects. Mainly because his mom, Rochelle, says it's just another name for 'Experiment'. On the way Chris's dad, Julius, is persuaded to stop at McDonald's but only if they split the meal between Chris and his two siblings: Drew and Tonya. Chris gets the drink. Though that's good, one time he just got ice! They arrive at their new home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and are informed by some spray painters that the local motto is "Bedstuy: Do or Die". Rochelle informs the boys that if she ever catches them doing that she'll put her foot so far up their behind they'll have toes for teeth! And she's got many more phrases from where that came from!

Chris's brother Drew is younger than him but still much bigger and his little sister Tonya will do anything to get Chris into trouble, and is her "Daddy's Little Girl". But since Chris is the oldest, we are reminded, he has to be the 'emergency adult' which, as his dad tells him through a series of instructions about what to do if things or his brother are on fire, means he has to take responsibility for everything.

At breakfast, Chris asks his mother why he has to go to a different school to his brother and sister. His mother explains to him that his school – at Brooklyn Beach – gives kids an education, though Narrator Chris points out it's not a Harvard kind, just a not-sticking-up-a-liquor-store kind. Julius comes down for breakfast but his favorite, Tonya, isn't happy: Chris has made her oatmeal all lumpy. She doesn't have to eat it but it's not going in the trash because, as Julius points out, that's 30c worth of oatmeal. Chris will have to eat it. Julius, as we[who?] discover, always knows what everything costs. From the $2 on fire on the stove to the 49¢ of milk dripping on his table. "somebody gonna drink this milk!"

After breakfast, Julius is looking through the bills and is confused as to why Rochelle has only paid half of them. She is offended he's questioning her but he won't let it go and agrees to pay them his way and see how it works out.

It's a school day. And as if he wasn't worried enough, Chris has to wear his brother's smart shoes instead of his own cool sneakers. "It's better to be poor and neat, than rich and raggedy" says his mom. "I think she said that because we were poor" says Narrator Chris. Besides, he's only been there a week, his mom says no-one will notice him yet. What she doesn't realize is, it's quite the opposite – he is the ONLY black kid there after all. Another of Chris's responsibilities is racing home after school to let his brother and sister in quietly so as not to wake his dad before he goes to work at 5:00 pm. His dad's sleep is very important and he reminds his brother and sister of that, telling them not to make a noise until he gets back, otherwise he's in deep.

After making his way to school on two buses and reading the paper on the way ("I learned more on the way to school than I learned AT school"), Chris runs into the school bully, Joey Caruso, and after trying to 'out-black' him when he steps on his brothers shoes, he gets punched and falls into the new principal. The boys get told off and warned to behave but Joey is still not gonna leave it. He warns Chris that he'll get it "after School". A boy named Greg helps him pick up his books and they hit it off. Chris has made his first friend. They wonder what happened to the 'old' principal ("Mr Palmer was accused of doing something that we can't tell you about because of the network censors" Narrator Chris informs us).

At lunch they go for a slice of pizza but Chris bumps into Joey who takes his bus pass and $2 for lunch and warns him: "After school!"

After school, Chris goes to meet Joey to fight and get his bus pass back. He has a plan: fights always get split up quickly so he has to get a good first punch. He does. But then what follows is a 30 minute rumble at the end of which Chris manages to stamp on Joey's toe and take his bus pass back. Running for his life, and the bus, Chris just makes it home. Only to find his sister stood at the front door. Screaming.

Luckily, his dad is still asleep and Chris manages to keep everyone quiet and cleans his now mucky shoes with Rochelle's towel. He also manages to eat the large piece of chicken in the fridge, which makes up for not having any lunch. What he doesn't realize is: the piece of chicken is for his dad.

After waking his dad at 5:00 ("not 4:59"), his mom phones to tell him to put the chicken in the oven. Of course, since he has already eaten it, his dad has to make do with what should probably be called a chicken 'thumbstick', much to the frustration of his mom. Though she's not mad, just concerned for her husband's appetite so he can keep his job.

Julius and Rochelle sit eating their meal together. she's still frustrated about the bills but after she explains to him about the way she does it ("you gotta know how to work the system... if we paid all the bills we'd have no money") he understands and they make up.

On the way out to his second job, Julius stops by Chris's room to check on him. He apologizes for eating the big piece of chicken("that was 89c worth of chicken") but his dad's ok about it. Chris doesn't tell him about Joey as his dad had riots and more at his school so his problems don't quite match up. Julius slips him two dollars and tells him not to tell his mom. His dad doesn't say "I love you", he's not like that. He's one of four fathers on the block; saying "I'll see you in the morning" meant he was coming home. Coming home was his way of saying "I love you". But when Rochelle finds her towel dirty, the episode freezes and fades to black. Note: This episode does not end with "Everybody Hates Chris".

2 2 "Everybody Hates Keisha" Eric Laneuville Kriss Turner September 29, 2005 103
Chris tries to impress the girl of his dreams (Aree Davis) after she is hired to tutor Drew (Tequan Richmond), but his heart breaks when he discovers them kissing.
3 3 "Everybody Hates Basketball" Lev L. Spiro Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson October 6, 2005 104

Chris joins his school's basketball team, despite the fact that he cannot play, and a failed pop quiz might keep him off the court. Because he's black, Chris is recruited by the basketball team despite the fact he can't play. Things are made worse when the attention he gets from the school staff and other students hurts his friendship with Greg. Meanwhile, the family decides to rent their upstairs room, but Rochelle becomes increasingly suspicious of Mr. Tate, their new tenant. Elsewhere, Julius (Terry Crews) takes in a boarder who pays for six months' rent up front, but the man makes Rochelle nervous.

4 4 "Everybody Hates Sausage" Lev L. Spiro Ali LeRoi October 13, 2005 102

Juilus buys a crate of cheap sausage, and the family eats it at every meal, except for Tonya (Imani Hakim), who refuses to try it, forcing a standoff with her mother, and later that night, at dinner, Rochelle tries to force Tonya to eat her sausage with Chris, Drew, and Juilus blocking her.

Elsewhere, Chris gets three days of detention after a rumor that he beat up a bully spreads through school. When Julius buys a big crate of sausage, he makes everyone eat it with every meal. But Tonya refuses to, causing friction between her and Rochelle. While at school, Chris is sentenced to three days of detention after a rumor goes round about him beating up the school bully, Caruso. Note: This episode does not end with "Everybody Hates Chris".

5 5 "Everybody Hates Fat Mike" Eric Laneuville Craig DiGregorio & Ali LeRoi October 20, 2005 105

Chris lets a neighborhood kid ride his bike, ignoring Julius's warning not to, and the kid takes off with it.

Elsewhere, Julius's coworkers go on strike, so he fills his free time with housework, much to Rochelle's dismay. Absent: Vincent Martella as Greg Wuliger

6 6 "Everybody Hates Halloween" Eric Laneuville Rodney Barnes & Courtney Lilly October 27, 2005 106

Halloween starts out as a treat for Chris when an older girl invites him to a costume party, but Caruso has a trick for the teen—rotten eggs. Meanwhile, Julius buys cheap candy to hand out to the neighborhood kids. Chris wants to go to a Halloween party but is horrified when Rochelle tells him he has to take his siblings trick or treating. Drew gets invited by Keisha to a Halloween party but is more excited about trick or treating. He gives the invite to Chris who is determined to go.

At school, Greg is dressed as Spock. Despite the principal's attempts at maintaining order, the school kids go crazy with eggs and toilet paper. The teachers along with Chris and Greg run for their lives.

Chris and Greg wait at the bus stop and are pleased that they have avoided all Halloween pranks. This pleasure is short-lived when Chris gets on the bus and is attacked with eggs from Caruso and his gang.

Rochelle is disgusted when she sees the state of Chris. Tonya lets it slip about the party. He asks Rochelle if he can go to the party and to his great surprise she agrees. He asks on Greg's advice, for a Prince costume. However he realizes that the eggs had disintegrated the address of the party.

Chris takes his brother and sister trick or treating. Meanwhile at home, Rochelle is disgusted that Julius brought cheap candy worth only $2. To make a good impression on the neighborhood, she goes out and buys $23 worth of candy much to Julius' horror.

While trick or treating Chris sees the local thug who is going to the party and agrees to take Chris. The kids get their candy stolen by the 'Pimp Candy'.

Chris gets ready in his Prince costume and not knowing the address or phone number leaves a fake one for Rochelle.

At the party his costume gets some weird looks. He asks Keisha to dance but she turns him down. Lisa dances with Chris out of pity, "I love pity!"

However Keisha's mom comes to see Rochelle upset that Keisha has gone to a party with older kids. Rochelle phones the number Chris left only for it to be answered by a alcohol store!

Chris blissfully returns home to find Rochelle waiting with a belt. Note: There are bells ringing during the "Everybody Hates Chris" phrase at the end.

7 7 "Everybody Hates the Babysitter" Ken Whittingham Alyson Fouse November 3, 2005 107

Juilus and Rochelle have a "date night" and hire a babysitter to watch the kids, but she has to leave to take care of a personal matter, so Chris must cover for her. Julius and Rochelle plan a romantic evening out and hire a babysitter, Yvette , to watch Chris, Drew and Tonya. However, Chris turns out to be more of a babysitter when Yvette(Erica Hubbard) continues to come and go from the apartment for some apparent errands. Meanwhile, the restaurant Julius and Rochelle are dining at is robbed and Rochelle knows who one of the robbers are. In the end, Chris tells the truth about the babysitter and Julius demands a refund from Yvette while Rochelle goes to beat her up for not babysitting them (not quite ending up in a bad way for Chris). Absent: Vincent Martella as Greg Wuliger

8 8 "Everybody Hates the Laundromat" Gina Prince-Bythewood Kriss Turner November 10, 2005 108
A tired Chris spends his Saturday morning with his siblings at a laundromat, and Tonya storms out after arguing with Chris.
9 9 "Everybody Hates Food Stamps" Jerry Levine Ali LeRoi November 17, 2005 109

Julius finds $200 in food stamps, but Rochelle is too embarrassed to use them, so she dips into the family's spending money; Chris and Greg have a falling-out over a science project they are working on together.

10 10 "Everybody Hates Greg" Jerry Levine Howard Gewirtz November 24, 2005 110
Chris's friendship with Greg is jeopardized when they break the rules of Greg's house. Art: (Gary Basaraba).
11 11 "Everybody Hates Christmas" Dennie Gordon Alyson Fouse & Ali LeRoi December 15, 2005 111

Chris wants a portable cassette player for Christmas but his parents cannot afford to buy one. At school, Chris brings in canned goods for the needy and is surprised to find out that the food is for him. Note: At the end of the episode, the phrase "Everybody Hates Chris" is said with Salvation Army bells ringing.

12 12 "Everybody Hates a Part-Time Job" Tamra Davis Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson January 19, 2006 112

When Chris needs $50 to buy a leather jacket to look cool, Julius suggests he come to work delivering papers with him. Meanwhile, after their school is closed to be re-painted because of paint chips, Drew and Tonya engage in a game of "dares" which ends in tears when Tonya is taken to the hospital after being dared to drink a "hot-sauce shake", making Tonya sick in the stomach. After working with Julius for six months, Chris makes enough money for the leather jacket.

13 13 "Everybody Hates Picture Day" Linda Mendoza Story by: Aron Abrams,

Kevin A. Garnett & Gregory Thompson Teleplay by: Kevin A. Garnett

February 2, 2006 113

As school picture day approaches, Chris wants to find the perfect outfit with his mother's help. Rochelle then begins a job as a cosmetics saleswoman to earn extra money. On picture day however, Chris' clothes are stolen by Caruso, which causes him to take his pictures in other clothing, such as lost and found clothes and a drama set of clothes. Drew steals Tonya's shoe in revenge of breaking his model car, and Tonya can't tell on him without getting in trouble for breaking Drew's model car.

14 14 "Everybody Hates Valentine's Day" Millicent Shelton Lance Crouther February 9, 2006 114

Caruso annoys Chris by leaving "I Hate You" cards in his locker. Chris breaks up a fight between his "bus crush" (Raven Goodwin) and her boyfriend.

Greg gets his first girlfriend. Rochelle and Julius attempt to control the many valentines both Tonya and Drew are receiving.

15 15 "Everybody Hates the Lottery" Malcolm D. Lee Rodney Barnes February 16, 2006 115
Chris tries to hold on to his fame as the best Asteroids player in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Rochelle becomes mad because she runs out of chocolate turtles, and Julius tries to win the lottery for extra money. He gets a winning number and Chris ruins it by playing Asteroids and enraging his dad to beat him up.
16 16 "Everybody Hates the Gout" Jerry Levine Story by: Aeysha Carr & Ali LeRoi

Teleplay by: Ali LeRoi

March 3, 2006 119

While Julius has the gout, he discovers his passion for The Young and the Restless with his neighbor Sheila. Meanwhile, Chris lies to his parents when he earns an F in math, and gets a guy to forge Rochelle's signature. And when Rochelle finds out, she purposely embarrasses Chris in front of his classmates when he lied about his report card.

17 17 "Everybody Hates Funerals" Matt Shakman Alyson Fouse March 23, 2006 116
Chris' beloved grandfather (Jimmie Walker) dies from a unexpected heart attack while paying a visit, which causes Rochelle to act nice in a strange way as her extended family comes to town to pay their respects, and causing Chris to act like Rochelle. Eventually, Rochelle becomes fed up with her snotty mother (Loretta Devine) The Family and Rochelle's Brother Michael (Earthquake) gives her a piece of her mind.
18 18 "Everybody Hates Corleone" Chris Rock Felicia D. Henderson April 13, 2006 121

Chris can no longer tolerate the constant bullying, even by a girl, Sydney (Brooke Mackenzie) and in order to attend his neighborhood middle school, Chris attempts to be expelled from Corleone in order to avoid his daily bullying. Meanwhile, Julius finds a new job that pays more than his previous two jobs combined. Unfortunately, no one can stand the smell, and soon Julius quits his new job for his family. Note: This episode doesn't end with "Everybody Hates Chris".

19 19 "Everybody Hates Drew" Jerry Levine Story by: Lance Crouther

Teleplay by: Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson

April 20, 2006 118
Frustrated at Drew being superior, Chris takes karate and uses a move taught by his karate teacher and purposely breaks Drew's hand in a fight which backfires on him with Drew being able to do more with one hand then two hands. Meanwhile, Tonya goes to the Beautician and discovers the fun of gossiping, in which Tonya starts gossiping to the women in the beauty shop since Rochelle did not say Tonya cannot gossip to the girls.
20 20 "Everybody Hates Playboy" Lev L. Spiro Chuck Sklar April 27, 2006 117
Chris steals his father's Playboy magazine from his toolbox while getting crazy glue to fix the table and brings it to school, where it soon gets confiscated by the vice principal. When Julius discovers that it is missing, he desperately tries to get it back, so Rochelle does not know Julius has been looking in those magazines so she could use it against him. Meanwhile, Tonya discovers Drew's Arachnophobia, and uses it to scare him, but when Drew retaliates with her fear of clowns, he gets in trouble.
21 21 "Everybody Hates Jail" Jeff Melman Andrew Orenstein May 4, 2006 120
Chris gets tips on raising the most money for a field trip to Washington, D.C. in the school cookie-selling competition from neighborhood crooks, which is saying they fell out of a truck this morning, which gets him in trouble with the police. Meanwhile, Julius' plan to see Dreamgirls with Rochelle on their wedding anniversary is thwarted when Tonya and Drew catch chickenpox. Features a cameo by Stephen King as a man who steals a box of cookies from Chris.
22 22 "Everybody Hates Father's Day" Ali LeRoi Rodney Barnes & Ali LeRoi May 11, 2006 122
Chris goes looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for his father. However, all Julius wants is to spend the day alone, which upsets Rochelle.

Season 2: 2006–2007

Series # Season # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
23 1 "Everybody Hates Rejection" Ken Whittingham Andrew Orenstein October 1, 2006 202
When Keisha moves away, Chris prepares for his first date with a new girl from the neighborhood. Meanwhile, a nosy new neighbor (Whoopi Goldberg) moves in next door and pressures Rochelle to organize a neighborhood watch patrol. After volunteering to be a crossing guard, Drew has girls all over him. Chris meets Tasha Clarkson (Paige Hurd).
24 2 "Everybody Hates the Class President (Part 1) Jerry Levine Ali LeRoi October 8, 2006 201
Chris runs for eighth-grade class president against Caruso. Meanwhile, Julius learns he has high blood pressure and tries to reduce the amount of stress in his life. Tanya wants Drew to teach her how to Moonwalk like Billy Ocean.
25 3 "Everybody Hates Elections (Part 2)" Ali LeRoi Ali LeRoi October 16, 2006 203
In order to win votes for class president, Chris tries to write a campaign speech. Meanwhile, Rochelle rents out the upstairs apartment to a funeral director (Ernest Thomas) with a long list of lady friends. Drew finds money that his mother lost and spends it.
26 4 "Everybody Hates a Liar" Jerry Levine Adrienne Carter October 23, 2006 204
Chris makes everybody think that he is going out with Tasha. Meanwhile, Julius wants to get something fun with his trading stamps, but Rochelle wants a new refrigerator.
27 5 "Everybody Hates Malvo" Debbie Allen Alyson Fouse October 30, 2006 206
Chris gets robbed by Malvo, a local thug, after Doc lets him work the cash register at the corner store, and he fears the thief will kill him if he snitches. Meanwhile, after buying a Betamax, Julius gets angry when Tonya tapes over his Young and the Restless and refuses to apologize to her after Rochelle tells him he hurt Tonya's feelings. But; in the end, Tonya told Julius, who finished apologizing to Tonya about the Betamax that the Young and the Restless is for women which Julius told her about soap TV shows for women in the future.
28 6 "Everybody Hates the Buddy System" Ken Whittingham Ali LeRoi November 6, 2006 207
The new school principal, Mr. Edwards (Jason Alexander) teams Chris with Caruso on a field trip in hope that the two will bond. Meanwhile, Tonya loses one of Rochelle's hoop earrings after being told she cannot wear them. Julius tries to buy a Wayne Gretzky jersey for Drew.
29 7 "Everybody Hates Promises" Millicent Shelton Chuck Sklar November 13, 2006 205
Students want to impeach Chris as class president after he fails to deliver on his campaign promises. Meanwhile, Rochelle's never-do-well brother, Michael, visits after their mother kicks him out of her house, and asks if he can stay. Rochelle agrees, but Julius ("Big Man") is not happy about it.
30 8 "Everybody Hates Thanksgiving" Matt Shakman Alyson Fouse November 20, 2006 208
Julius wakes up the family at 5 A.M. in order to create a fantastic Thanksgiving meal to impress his younger brother, Louis (Wayne Brady). When Chris spoils his family's favorite Thanksgiving tradition, Mac N' Cheese, Chris's boss Doc shows him how to make it from something different. This episode is a spoof of the TV series, 24.
31 9 "Everybody Hates Superstition" Debbie Allen Adam Lorenzo November 27, 2006 211
Things start going Chris's way at home and at school after he wears his dad's lucky socks; Drew prepares to sing in a school talent show, even though he cannot carry a tune. In the meantime, Julius and Rochelle have a plan to end Tonya and Drew's greedy behavior.
32 10 "Everybody Hates Kris" Victor Nelli, Jr. Adrienne Carter December 11, 2006 209
Julius works as a department store Santa and Chris is one of his elves, but Julius frightens the kids when they ask for expensive gifts, which results in his firing, and Chris gets so sick he has to be hospitalized. While in the hospital, he meets a mysterious man named Kris (Richard Lewis), who helps him see how blessed he really is.
33 11 "Everybody Hates Eggs" Jerry Levine Lisa Parsons January 22, 2007 210
Chris must care for an egg like it is a baby for a week as part of a social-studies project on parenting, but when Rochelle finds out that Chris was going to keep it in the refrigerator for the week, Chris finds out being a parent isn't as easy as it sounds; Tonya is afraid to sleep because Drew told her werewolves will come out in the dark, which explains the reason why the electric bill is $25.83 more than usual; Julius tries to find ways to lower the electric bill. Caruso puts Chris's egg on a chair, and Chris accidentally sits on it when he is about to be called up in class.
34 12 "Everybody Hates Hall Monitors" Arlene Sanford Aeysha Carr January 29, 2007 212
Chris becomes a hall monitor at school to get some respect, but no one takes him seriously. Meanwhile, Julius grows weary of Rochelle complaining about her new job. Tonya gets frustrated because her girlfriends spend more time with Drew than with her.
35 13 "Everybody Hates Snow Day" Jerry Levine Ali LeRoi & Andrew Orenstein February 5, 2007 213
Chris is the only one that shows up when Corleone is closed for a snow day and has to stay with Principal Edwards until they can get in touch with his parents. Meanwhile, when he realizes his son is not around, Julius comes to find him. Rochelle gets robbed on the subway.
36 14 "Everybody Hates the Substitute" Millicent Shelton Andrew Orenstein February 12, 2007 214
After Ms. Morello goes to Africa, Chris is excited to get a black substitute teacher (Orlando Jones), but his enthusiasm quickly turns to dread when the substitute pressures him to get an A. Meanwhile, Julius gets frustrated with Mr. Omar because he keeps borrowing his phone. Tonya keeps getting Drew in trouble by telling Rochelle that he hit her.
37 15 "Everybody Hates Cutting School" Keith Truesdell Story by: Kevin A. Garnett &

Andrew Orenstein Teleplay by: Andrew Orenstein

February 19, 2007 218
When Ms. Morello is away for the day, Chris and Greg cut school so they can see Ghostbusters and end up getting busted. Meanwhile, Rochelle embarrasses Tonya and Drew when she helps out at their school's book fair, and Julius spends a frustrating day trying to get his driver's license renewed at the DMV.
38 16 "Everybody Hates Chain Snatching" Lev L. Spiro Rodney Barnes February 26, 2007 215
Malvo demands Chris steal a gold chain for him when he warns someone Malvo was about to steal one and threatens a beating if Chris does not comply. Tonya tries to win tickets to a Billy Ocean concert from a radio station, but after some trial-and-error and some help with Drew, she gets the tickets. And Julius is keeping a credit card secret from Rochelle when she finds out, but she finds out he had a credit card to get her something special: Her wedding ring (With Chris narrating for the first time, Julius got Rochelle to shut up).
39 17 "Everybody Hates DJs" Jerry Levine Rodney Barnes March 19, 2007 217
Chris becomes a DJ after the neighborhood DJ, Hilly Hill (DJ Quik), is arrested and, in doing so, has a problem when he scratches his mother's James Brown album. Meanwhile, Julius takes Drew to a magic show and passes out when he sees a rabbit. The episode ends by repeating "Everybody" like a scratched record in "Everybody Hates Chris".
40 18 "Everybody Hates Baseball" Ali LeRoi Chuck Sklar March 26, 2007 219

Chris must decide whether he wants to go to a Mets game with his father and brother or to go see Back to the Future with Tasha. Meanwhile, Rochelle's slacker brother asks her hairdresser, Vanessa (Jackée Harry), out on a date, and Rochelle tries to talk her out of going. Rochelle forgets to mail Tonya's letter to the Billy Ocean fan club. Note: This is one of only two episodes featuring a voice-over done by someone other than Chris, the second being in the episode "Everybody Hates Mother's Day".

41 19 "Everybody Hates Gambling" Jason Alexander Aeysha Carr April 23, 2007 216
Chris wins a lot of money for Doc by correctly predicting upsets in pro basketball games—until the neighborhood bookie, Paulie (Vincent Pastore), threatens him. Back at home, Tonya gets tips from Julius on how to beat Drew in checkers. Julius gets behind Rochelle's back to bet on an upcoming basketball game—not realizing it is his son, "Chrissy the Black," who is calling the shots.
42 20 "Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes" Keith Truesdell Matthew Claybrooks April 30, 2007 220
Chris starts telling dirty jokes at school after he secretly listens to his parents' Redd Foxx album. Meanwhile, Rochelle tries to set up a blind date for her mom, Maxine (Loretta Devine); and Drew is pestered by a girl who keeps telling friends that he kissed her.
43 21 "Everybody Hates Math" Ken Whittingham Devon Shepard May 7, 2007 221
Chris has trouble learning algebra, so Rochelle tries to teach him. But when he has problems with her, he goes to his grandmother, a former algebra teacher herself, for help. Meanwhile, Julius gets Risky a job helping him deliver newspapers. Drew breaks his dad's chair, but Tonya takes the blame and then makes Drew wait on his hand and foot.
44 22 "Everybody Hates the Last Day" Kelsey Grammer Rodney Barnes May 14, 2007 222
It is the last day of school, and Chris wants revenge on Caruso for making his life miserable. Meanwhile, Julius tries to fix Mr. Omar's clogged drain, but he only makes things worse and has to be reported to the housing authority. During his graduation, Drew is teasing Tonya for his graduation, which it was ended in a disaster when Tonya throw and ice cream sundae on Drew's cap and gown which Rochelle told him to not wear it. In the end, Rochelle fixed the gap and gown with a pair of sicssors and a well placed scarf.

Season 3: 2007–2008

Series # Season # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
45 1 "Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor" Keith Truesdell Ali LeRoi October 1, 2007 301
Chris fails an assessment test and is sent to the guidance counselor (series co-creator Chris Rock), who doesn't have a clue how to help Chris. Back at home, Julius tries to find a way out of buying the kids new school clothes.
46 2 "Everybody Hates Caruso" Jerry Levine Andrew Orenstein October 8, 2007 303
Caruso gets beat up by a kid he picked on and abdicates his role as school bully. Unfortunately, the situation makes life even more troublesome for Chris, because his fellow students are vying for Caruso's old post, by picking on him. Back at home, Julius takes on extra work while he is supposed to be on vacation and tries to hide it from Rochelle.
47 3 "Everybody Hates Driving" Debbie Allen Chuck Sklar October 15, 2007 305
Julius asks Chris to move the family car across the street, but Chris ends up driving it to school even though he doesn't have a license in order to impress a girl. Meanwhile, Rochelle goes to traffic court to argue about a speeding ticket.
48 4 "Everybody Hates Blackie" Victor Nelli, Jr. Adrienne Carter October 22, 2007 304

Chris is allowed to get a dog, which Julius names Blackie, after a burglary at his home but unlike him, Julius wants it to be a guard dog, not a pet. Meanwhile, because the TV has been stolen, Tonya and Drew decide to entertain themselves by making prank calls. The singing at the end is in Spanish, since Blackie responds to Spanish. Note: At the end of this episode, the phrase "Everybody Hates Chris" is said in Spanish.

49 5 "Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad" Jerry Levine Alyson Fouse October 29, 2007 302
Chris is left alone in Mr. Omar's apartment when his family comes down with the flu and Mr. Omar, who's supposed to look after him until the family recovers, leaves him for a widowed woman. Tonya lies about being sick to avoid failing a quiz she forgot to study for. Greg then suggests he invite Tasha over for some alone time watching Richard Pryor, but the moment gets ruined when more people come to watch as well. Even though Chris puts his whole family in a coma, Rochelle catches Chris and Tonya in a middle of the party.
50 6 "Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy" Debbie Allen Rodney Barnes November 5, 2007 306
Chris makes up a story about a serial killer that causes a panic in the community after joining the writing staff for the school newspaper, as his skills as a writer don't go down well. Meanwhile, Rochelle campaigns for Lamar Johnson, a slick city councilman, much to Julius' dismay.
51 7 "Everybody Hates Houseguests" Keith Truesdell Frank Sebastiano November 12, 2007 307
With his dad out of town, Greg comes to stay at Chris' house and gets special treatment from Rochelle, which upsets Chris. Meanwhile, Julius gets a job as a cab driver and takes a passenger named Eddie (Tommy Davidson) on a road trip to Las Vegas for $1000 despite his initial reluctance to do so. Unfortunately, Eddie is a bank robber.
52 8 "Everybody Hates Minimum Wage" Debbie Allen Aeysha Carr November 19, 2007 308
Chris quits his job at Doc's store and gets another job at a Chinese restaurant called Hoo's Hunan because he isn't getting paid minimum wage; Rochelle becomes a hair model for an upcoming hair show. Meanwhile, Julius visits Drew's school in order to find out why he's failing history tests and Greg tries to find the courage to talk to a girl.
53 9 "Everybody Hates the New Kid" Ted Wass Alyson Fouse November 26, 2007 309
Chris is happy when another black kid named Albert arrives at his school, but Greg worries that Chris will forget about him. Although Chris and Albert are friends, Chris doesn't realize that Albert is different than what he thought. Meanwhile, Rochelle gets an unexpected tax refund and goes on a shopping spree, but Julius is concerned that the IRS will come and take back the extra cash.
54 10 "Everybody Hates Kwanzaa" Eyal Gordin Adrienne Carter December 10, 2007 310
For a school assignment, Chris must help Kill Moves find his estranged mother (Phylicia Rashād). Meanwhile, Julius decides it's cheaper to celebrate Kwanzaa than Christmas.
55 11 "Everybody Hates the Port Authority" Ali LeRoi Ali LeRoi March 2, 2008 313
Chris and his family decide to take a trip down South to attend the funeral of Julius' distant relative. Unfortunately, while waiting for the bus at Port Authority, Chris and Julius get sucked into playing Three-card Monte and are too afraid to tell Rochelle that they lost all their money.
56 12 "Everybody Hates Bad Boys" Ali LeRoi Aeysha Carr March 9, 2008 311
Chris adapts from a 'nice guy' into a 'bad boy' when he discovers Tasha likes bad boys, while Julius wins a free meal with his family at a fancy restaurant called Domaine et Mer after he wins employee of the month but it comes with unexpected restrictions.
57 13 "Everybody Hates the First Kiss" Jerry Levine Aeysha Carr March 16, 2008 312
After finding out that Tasha is going to "spin the bottle" parties, Chris is determined to get an invitation to the next party so he can finally experience his first kiss. When Rochelle runs into an old boyfriend while the family is out to dinner, Julius becomes extremely jealous and asks Tonya to spy on her mother and find out whether she still has feelings for her ex. Mr. Omar borrows five dollars from Drew, not realizing that Drew is deadly serious about getting his money back.
58 14 "Everybody Hates Easter" Jerry Levine Alyson Fouse March 23, 2008 314
When Tasha breaks up with her boyfriend, Chris is more than happy to step in and serve as her escort for the Easter Pageant, but first he has to figure out how to be in two places at the same time without his mother finding out. Rochelle is confident that she'll win the Easter Pageant Hat-Off competition for the fourth year in a row, but she definitely has to up her game after finding out that the church's newest member intends to take away her title. Julius pretends that he has to work on Easter so that he can stay home and watch baseball.
59 15 "Everybody Hates Gretzky" Jerry Levine Andrew Orenstein March 30, 2008 317
In an attempt to keep his younger brother, Drew, out of further trouble, Chris reluctantly agrees to skip school and accompany Drew on a mission to find his idol, hockey great Wayne Gretzky. Also, Tonya was supposed to go on a school trip to Philadelphia, which was unsuccessful as Julius couldn't afford to take her.
60 16 "Everybody Hates the BFD" Jerry Levine Alessia Costantini April 6, 2008 315
Chris is so desperate to raise the funds to go to a Run–D.M.C. concert that he jumps at the chance to participate in Mr. Omar's Black Funeral Directors' (BFD) scholarship fund. Meanwhile, when Rochelle injures her arm, she quickly realizes that the longer she's out of commission, the longer she can avoid taking care of Julius and the family.
61 17 "Everybody Hates Ex-Cons" Debbie Allen Rodney Barnes April 13, 2008 316
Chris attempts to help Malvo, a career criminal who was recently released from jail, turn his life around by going back to high school. Rochelle is alarmed by the parenting skills of one of Tonya's friend's parents (guest star Shar Jackson) and decides to share her wealth of knowledge. A die-hard Dodgers fan, Julius feels betrayed when Drew decides he's a fan of the Mets.
62 18 "Everybody Hates Earth Day" Jerry Levine Adam Lorenzo April 20, 2008 318
Chris must come up with a school project for Earth Day, so he decides to collect cans, believing it will be an easy task and something Julius can help him accomplish. When Rochelle is called to school to discuss Tonya's inappropriate behavior, it quickly becomes obvious to Rochelle that it's a case of the apple not falling far from the tree.
63 19 "Everybody Hates Being Cool" Ken Whittingham Rodney Barnes April 27, 2008 319
On a mission to become one of the "cool" kids, Chris is caught with cigarettes and suspended from school. Of course, Tonya intercepts the call from Chris' school letting his parents know he has been suspended and decides to blackmail him. Meanwhile, in an effort to get even with Julius for keeping a coat given to him by his ex-girlfriend, Rochelle decides to parade around the neighborhood in inappropriate clothing.
64 20 "Everybody Hates the Ninth-Grade Dance" Ken Whittingham Ali LeRoi May 3, 2008 320
When Chris is the only boy without a date for the ninth-grade dance, Greg suggests he ask out Carrie but when he does, word spreads of the inter-racial couple. Meanwhile, Tonya pesters her parents about taking ballet lessons. Tony Rock, the inspiration for Drew, guest stars as entrepreneurial Uncle Ryan.
65 21 "Everybody Hates Mother's Day" Keith Truesdell Jason M. Palmer May 11, 2008 321

When Chris attempts to buy Rochelle expensive perfume as a Mother's Day gift from a store, he discovers he cannot afford it and buys a knock-off from Risky. However, Rochelle breaks out in hives and takes Chris to the store she believes he bought it from. Note: This is the second of only two episodes featuring a voice-over done by someone other than Chris.

66 22 "Everybody Hates Graduation" Jason Alexander Chuck Sklar May 18, 2008 322
Chris' joy at graduating to junior high school is short-lived when he finds out Greg is going to a different school next year, so he needs enough money to go to Greg's school. Meanwhile, Rochelle volunteers Drew to be Tonya's partner in "Swan Lake" after her partner suffers an ankle injury.

Season 4: 2008–2009

Series # Season # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
67 1 "Everybody Hate Tattaglia" Jerry Levine Ali LeRoi October 3, 2008 401
Chris enters high school and is placed in an all-white homeroom with a rather jerky teacher. Meanwhile, Tonya starts working with Rochelle at the local beauty parlor, where her blunt honesty gets her into trouble with customers by telling somebody had a giant mole.
68 2 "Everybody Hates Cake" Keith Truesdell Adrienne Carter October 10, 2008 402

Chris is asked to tutor an androgynous classmate named Angel (pronounced in spanish as An-hel) (Hector Garcia), so he can get the attention of another student. When Mr. Omar goes away for a week, he asks Drew and Tonya to watch after his goldfish. Meanwhile Tasha's ex-con mother, Peaches (Tisha Campbell-Martin) asks Rochelle for help to turn her life around. In the end, Greg is kicked out of the Bronx Academy of Science, and becomes a nerd again. Note: This episode reunites Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold, who both starred in the sitcom Martin. Also, this is the only episode in the series which at the end, the theme song says "Everybody hates Chris, and Greg".

69 3 "Everybody Hates Homecoming" Jerry Levine Frank Sabastiano October 17, 2008 403

Chris is thrilled when Jenise Huckstable (Tristin Mays) asks him to the homecoming dance. His nerves begin to get the better of him when Jenise tells him that her father Dr. Clint Huckstable (Orlando Jones) wants to meet him before the dance, but Rochelle disapproves and makes Chris stand Jenise up, which she and Tonya meet Jenise and Clint, and Rochelle is relieved the situation is over. Drew tries to get Doc to feng shui the store when he takes over Chris' hours. A boy tries to seduce Tonya, which makes James jealous.

Special guest stars: Orlando Jones as Clint Huckstable, Devika Parikh as Clair Huckstable and Tristin Mays as Jenise Huckstable Note: The Huckstables are a spoof of the Huxtables in The Cosby Show. Similarities include the name, professions of the parents, the sweaters, the living room set, and the "studio audience". This also second time Orlando Jones guest starred in the series.

70 4 "Everybody Hates the English Teacher" Seith Mann Rodney Barnes October 24, 2008 404
Julius and Rochelle raise Mr. Omar's rent, and Mr. Omar demands that they bring the apartment up to code, as a result, he stays with the family until the repairs are done, and passes the time by playing blackjack with Drew and Tonya, but it takes a turn for the worse when Mr. Omar uses real money. Chris is assigned to do a book report on Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, but decides to watch the movie with the same name title, and Greg fakes the news that the movie that Chris watched has nothing to do with the book itself.
71 5 "Everybody Hates My Man" Jerry Levine Warren Hutcherson October 31, 2008 405
In order to be allowed to hang out with the cool kids, Chris decides to help the football team with homework. Meanwhile, Julius begins work collecting dead bodies for Mr. Omar's funeral home.
72 6 "Everybody Hates Doc's" Lev L. Spiro Luisa Leschin November 7, 2008 406
Doc's new girlfriend, Stacy (Robin Givens), makes Chris' life complicated, so he decides that she and Doc should break up. Meanwhile, a bra in Julius' sock drawer makes Rochelle unhappy; however, what she doesn't know is that Tonya hid it there.
73 7 "Everybody Hates Snitches" Anton Cropper Jason M. Palmer November 14, 2008 407

Chris witnesses a shooting outside a movie theater when he is supposed to be babysitting Drew and Tonya while his parents are at a Broadway musical for their anniversary; however, when Julius accidentally hits one of the performers, he and Rochelle get thrown out. Note: Julius and Rochelle went to go see a Broadway show called "Showdogs" for their anniversary. The show was a spoof of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats".

74 8 "Everybody Hates Big Bird" Ted Wass Adam Lorenzo November 21, 2008 408
Chris agrees to go on a date with "Big Bird", the dorkiest girl in school, but only to spare her feelings. Meanwhile, Rochelle hopes for the Jets to win the big football game, whereas Julius bets on the Giants.
75 9 "Everybody Hates James" Jerry Levine Luisa Leschin November 28, 2008 409
Julius takes marriage advice by watching The Oprah Winfrey Show, but Rochelle misreads his new attitude and believes him to be having an affair. Meanwhile, Chris volunteers for a Big Brother program, only to learn the identity of his "little brother".
76 10 "Everybody Hates New Year's Eve" Ted Wass Warren Hutcherson December 12, 2008 410
Chris wants to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square but cannot go unless he finds a responsible adult to accompany him, and the only available chaperones are the ex-cons Peaches and Malvo. Meanwhile, Julius becomes a local hero when he stops a man from jumping off the George Washington Bridge and Drew and Tonya make a bet to see who can stay up the longest.
77 11 "Everybody Hates Mr. Levine" Oz Scott Ali LeRoi January 9, 2009 411
Upon learning that she is actually a year younger than she thought, Rochelle adopts a youthful attitude while Chris receives help from a complete stranger named Stan Levine (Steve Landesberg) during a city-wide blackout and tries to repay him by helping him meet new friends. Meanwhile, Greg tries to create a new identity apart from his friendship with Chris.
78 12 "Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets" Jerry Levine Adrienne Carter January 16, 2009 412
Chris and Greg want varsity jackets to impress girls, so they join the wrestling team. Meanwhile, Rochelle goes on a diet by drinking a weight-loss beverage and Julius tries to persuade everyone else to join the diet because it's cheaper than buying groceries. Drew starts an all-girls band and reluctantly lets Tonya join the group.
79 13 "Everybody Hates Fake IDs" Debbie Allen Rodney Barnes January 28, 2009 413

Chris and Greg try to obtain fake IDs in order to attend an age-restricted Fat Boys concert. Meanwhile, Rochelle plans a surprise party for Julius and Drew tries to return a faulty pair of X-ray glasses he received through the mail. Note: On this episode, a variation of the end chorus was sung ("Everybody Hates Gene") instead of "Everybody Hates Chris", because of Chris' fake name on the ID. Stock Footage is used from Everybody Hates Djs

80 14 "Everybody Hates PSATs" Keith Truesdell Frank Sebastiano January 30, 2009 414
Chris' efforts to study for a college-entrance exam get sidelined by Rochelle's plans for the family to attend a social event. Meanwhile, Julius wins a contest for a new TV, but soon discovers a hidden catch.
81 15 "Everybody Hates Boxing" Ken Whittingham Adam Lorenzo February 6, 2009 415
In order to defend himself against Caruso, Chris takes up boxing after Coach Thurman suggests he do so. Meanwhile, Julius suspects Rochelle of adultery after he discovers a phone bill with several late-night calls on it and an attractive neighbor flirts with him.
82 16 "Everybody Hates Lasagna" Debbie Allen Alison McDonald March 13, 2009 416
Chris reluctantly agrees to hold onto a stash of marijuana for a criminal on the run, but he finds it difficult to find an appropriate hiding place that won't get him in trouble, only to end up baking it in his lasagna for his cooking class. Meanwhile, Vanessa insists that Rochelle learn the beauty salon's new computer system, enlisting the help of Peaches which does not sit well with Rochelle. Note: Chris Rock stated that marijuana was not used in this episode... even if it's funny.
83 17 "Everybody Hates Spring Break" Jerry Levine Shawn Thomas March 20, 2009 421
Chris test-drives a car and accidentally hits Greg, who suffers a broken leg and ends up in the hospital. Rochelle cancels her beach vacation plans to care for Greg for a week since his parents are out of town, leaving Julius to entertain Drew and Tonya at the shore where it rains every day. Chris and Greg lie and say someone else hit him who wasn't supposed to be driving.
84 18 "Everybody Hates the Car" Millicent Shelton Jason M. Palmer March 27, 2009 418
Chris gets a driver's license and buys a car, which is quickly stolen and vandalized, but then he realizes that having ownership of a car is a huge responsibility. Meanwhile, Rochelle discovers Julius' hidden racing form while searching for her secret cigarette stash.
85 19 "Everybody Hates Back Talk" Lev L. Spiro Kristi Korzec April 3, 2009 419
Chris takes a stand against his mother's strict rules and refuses to do his household chores, causing her to tell Julius that her son is disrespecting her. Meanwhile, Mr. Omar believes he is dying, so he blurts out whatever is on his mind.
86 20 "Everybody Hates Tasha" Debbie Allen Adrienne Carter April 24, 2009 420
Chris asks Tasha to be his girlfriend and is shocked when she agrees. But he soon learns that having a girlfriend means sacrificing most of his free time. Meanwhile, Rochelle finds out that Julius was married once before. Matters are further complicated she realizes he isn't yet legally divorced from the first wife.
87 21 "Everybody Hates Bomb Threats" Keith Truesdell [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Jane_Cunningham_and_Suzie_V._Freeman Sarah Jane Cunningham &

Suzie V. Freeman]

May 1, 2009 417
Chris calls in a bomb threat to school so he can delay his William Henry Harrison's inauguration speech that he must give in history class as a punishment for disrupting it. Meanwhile, Rochelle starts having problems of her own after a disgruntled customer named Tallulah Lafitte (Vanessa A. Williams) puts a voodoo hex on her; only if she gives Tallulah a refund can the hex be undone. It turns a school blew up when the Bomb Threats ignored the call and hold Chris personally responcible for the incident. The voodoo wasn't real and the woman was really Crazy
88 22 "Everybody Hates the G.E.D." Ali LeRoi Story by: Adam Lorenzo

Teleplay by: Don Reo

May 8, 2009 422

Chris is told that if he is late to school one more time, he will have to repeat the tenth grade. This happens the next day, so he decides to drop out of school and get a job. At first Rochelle and Julius are against the idea, but they decide to support him. Chris takes the G.E.D. test, and if he passes he will be able to get a job. Meanwhile, Drew wants to perform at the Apollo, but later realizes he doesn't have talent. In the last scene, Rochelle, Drew and Tanya meet Chris at a diner and are waiting for Julius. The episode ends with the entire family sitting around a restaurant table, listening to and singing along with Bon Jovi's"Livin' on a Prayer". Julius brings the G.E.D. results and the last thing said is Chris asking, "What's it say?". The scene then blacks out, ending the episode. This episode does not end with the familiar lyric "Everybody Hates Chris". Note: The ending is a spoof of The Sopranos series finale. When Julius parks his truck, there is a camera close-up of the 735 painted on his truck. This suggests Chris's G.E.D. score, which would be passing as the test is scored out of 800.

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