Keisha Ridenhour

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Keisha Ridenhour was a girl next door and Chris' dream girl, and the daughter of Sheila. Although she didn't like Chris, she liked Chris' younger brother Drew, which Chris is jealous of.

Keisha is later replaced by Tasha Clarkson as Chris' neighbor and love interest.


She was introduced in the first episode, Everybody Hates the Pilot, when she came out her house while Chris was going to school and said that was the girl of his dreams.

Keisha had a big role in Everybody Hates Keisha, when she was helping Drew with math and turned out to be kissing each other when Chris opens the door, which Chris was jealous of and stunned.

In "Everybody Hates Halloween", Keisha and her friend Lisa invite Drew to a party. However, Drew gives the invitation to Chris since he doesn't want to attend the party. When Chris encounters Keisha and asks her to dance, she rudely declines his request, insulting his costume and him. Lisa, feeling pity for Chris, dances with him.

She also appeared in "Everybody Hates Funerals" when Chris' grandfather dies. Chris gives Keisha a hug, but then she pushes Chris off of her and hugs Drew.

In Everybody Hates Rejection she moves away to go to Compton because she believes that it's a crime-free city.

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