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Christopher Julius Rock II, (also known as: Julius) portrayed by Terry Crews, was one of the main characters in Everybody Hates Chris. Julius was inspired by Chris Rock's real-life father, Julius Rock, who is now deceased.


Julius is the caring, devoted, easygoing, levelheaded, but very worrywart, frugal, penurious, devoted, and cheap father of the family. Julius has two jobs as a newspaper delivery man and a security guard. As a result of being extra worried, mostly over spending too much money, Julius' behavior becomes particularly inconsiderate of his family, frequently to the point of him appearing ridiculous and angering his wife, Rochelle. One example of this is Julius' forcing of his family members to stop using certain devices that require electricity. Though Julius does things that put his family through a great deal of hardship, he does it to protect them financially. He also will do anything for Tonya and hugely spoils her. Julius once got yet another job as a fisherman, at the same time forcing his family to put up with a terrible stench he brought home as a result of that job. However, Julius' quirky tightfisted behavior is not limited towards just his loved ones, but towards complete strangers as well. Once he worked as a department store Santa and frightened a bunch of kids when they asked for expensive gifts and was fired because of his fear. Although he seems easy going when it comes to punishment, it is revealed in one episode that he has a belt for every misdemeanor (one for lying, stealing, lying and stealing, getting someone pregnant, and doing drugs, which actually came with its own handgun). He has never done any physical discipline to the kids onscreen except for one episode where Chris forgot to get Julius' lottery ticket and the episode ends with Chris running away from Julius, who is seen charging at Chris with an angry facial expression (implying that he is about to give him a whooping). He is frequently seen instantaneously adding up the exact value of items when he believes that their price is too high (including a stamp). His favorite TV show is The Young and the Restless, and his favorite song is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. He hates losing money and he hates Rochelle's brother Mike, who repeatedly calls him "Big man!" and constantly makes sure his wife doesn't overspend. Julius passed away in 1988 a year after the series ended.


  • Unnamed parents
  • Gene (father-in-law; deceased)
  • Maxine (mother-in-law)
  • Uncle Mike (brother-in-law)
  • Charlotte (sister-in-law)
  • Mousey (aunt-in-law)


Julius appeared in all of Everybody Hates Chris


  • Julius' favors Tonya over Chris and Drew.
  • Julius' favorite color is blue.
  • Julius is the oldest of 10 siblings.
  • Julius' favorite show is The Young and the Restless.
  • Julius' favorite song is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.