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Joey Caruso (often known mononymously as Caruso), is a recurring character in Everybody Hates Chris. Caruso is the school bully whose main target is Chris which he tortured, but sometimes it is Greg.


Caruso was a liar and racist to Chris, who is taller than Caruso, constantly calling him black names, sometimes in season 1 throwing D batteries at him and (during season 3-4) punching him for no good reason. Caruso has beaten Chris up. Surprisingly, he always never seems to get caught by the school staff or get suspended for his bullying on Chris and Greg. Although Caruso had a soft spot for pets and is a cat lover. According to Narrator Chris Rock, Caruso can handle one black kid but he couldn't take down two. He sometimes is on friendly with Chris such as in "Everybody Hates Funerals", "Everybody Hates the Buddy System", "Everybody Hates the Superstition", and "Everybody Hates Caruso". He blames Chris for pretty much everything. He once beat up Greg and called him shoeshine because he didn't know where Chris is. This happened again in "Everybody Hates the Last Day", when he beat up a random kid because he didn't know where Chris is (and in turn the boy smacked Chris upside the head telling him to be on time). In "Everybody Hates Tattaglia", despite there being multiple black kids around, he once said sorry to Chris because Dickerson made him. In "Everybody Hates the G.E.D.", he admits to Chris that he actually does admire him but bullied him because he felt inferior and jealous of Chris' determination and achievement. He also tells Chris that they can hang out now because Chris dropping out does not make Caruso feel inferior anymore. When Chris asks him who he is going to pick on now that he's leaving, Caruso punches Greg, indicating that Greg is now his primary target.


  • He likes cats, as revealed in "Everybody Hates the Last Day".
  • He was the first one to hate Chris, second was Albert and third was Kelly (Big Bird).
    • However, that may be why the show is called "Everybody Hates Chris".
  • When Chris got a betamax, Caruso allegedly gave him a Ku Klux Klan video cassette
  • His voice got significantly deeper in the fourth season, due to the actor Travis T. Flory going through puberty. It could also be because of the 5-month gap between “Everybody Hates Graduation” (the finale of Season 3) and “Everybody Hates Tattaglia” (the first episode of Season 4).