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"Hey Li'l dude from across the street, lemme hold a dollar"


Jerome, portrayed by Kevontay Jackson, is a thief in the neighborhood always wanting Chris' money, and he is Chris' only friend aside from Greg. He is notorious for obtaining a dollar from smaller kids by saying "lemme hold a dollar". He nicknamed Chris "Li'l dude from across the street" or simply "Li'l Dude". In his first appearance in "Everybody Hates Fat Mike", he was a predatory, minor antagonist, when Chris was riding his bike and was stop by him saying if he got a dollar, but a boy named Fat Mike managed to save him from giving Chris his money away. Subsequently, he and Chris eventually become good friends but demands a dollar nearly every time they meet. Jerome's personality drastically changes as well as he is portrayed more so as a mooch or pest as opposed to an actual thief, though he does like to steal petty things for no apparent reason. Jerome is not that smart considering that he always is in the streets and probably doesn't have a job.