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Gregory "Greg" Wuliger, portrayed by Vincent Martella, is one of the main characters in Everybody Hates Chris. Greg is a painter who is Chris' only friend.


Greg is Chris' weird, optimistic, nerdy, and anxious best friend. He is the only kid at Corleone Junior High who doesn't hate Chris. He is about as unpopular as Chris. Chris always comes to Greg for advice, even though Greg is usually terrible at coming up with solutions. On top of being a good student, Greg also has a series of odd quirks (such as going to bed dressed as different superheroes), but considers himself cool. He has a book about almost everything in his locker. He is an only child and is of Italian and Swedish descent. His mom married his dad because she lost a bet but ran off with his uncle. After graduating from Corleone, Greg went to the Bronx Academy with Chris in Season 4, but got kicked out when he tried to portray a more tough image. He transfers to Tattaglia High School where Chris attends and the two continue their friendship. At his first day in Tattaglia, Chris convinces him to become the school football team mascot, where he gets kidnapped and forced to eat worms by the rival team, on top of that the team loses and everybody hates him causing Caruso to punch him. Even though his father was seen in one episode his mother is never actually seen. Greg's catch phrase is "You're so in there." Greg claimed once that he saw an Italian woman naked in his kitchen, eating ice cream at midnight. Greg presumably was about the same age as Chris, meaning in the series he was born in 1969. Greg along with his father lived in Brooklyn beach, and Greg attended Corleone a bit before Chris came in 7th Grade.


  • Greg is based on Chris Rock's childhood friend David Moskowitz.