Everybody Hates the Lottery is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Everybody Hates Chris.


Chris, being the best Asteroids player in Bed-Stuy, has his score beaten by someone else. Meanwhile, Rochelle and Julius have to cut back on spending, so they try to make a comprimise (Rochelle's being, no buying chocolate turtles and Julius' being, no buying lottery tickets). Chris begs Greg to loan him five dollars for a bet between him and Jorge (the person who beat Chris' score). Rochelle goes ballistic trying to find something with sugar, due to chocolate withdrawl. After searching all over for something sugary, Rochelle finds out Julius is not keeping his part of the comprimise; finally after a dramatic break-down from Rochelle, Julius agrees to keep his side of the comprimise. Chris loses the bet, and must find a way to pay back Greg, who is not happy about losing his five dollars.


  • Samuel L. Jackson and Halle Berry have uncredited cameos as footage from Jungle Fever is briefly played.
  • "Believe It or Not" was the theme song to the Greatest American Hero. Which was in it's final season in 1983 (It was played during a few scenes).
  • Rochelle is addicted to chocolate turtles.