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Everybody Hates the Gout is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Everybody Hates Chris.


When Chris's father, Julius, gets the gout for eating unhealthy food, with salt, he decides to watch The Young And The Restless, a 1970's soap opera. While Chris gets his report card from Mrs. Morello, he goes to his locker to pack up; when he realizes he got an F, he decides to go to a student named Fischer. He tells him that he needs a fake report card with an "A" for his mother to sign, and that he needs a fake report card with an "F" with his mother's signature on it. When Chris gives his fake report card to his mother, Rochelle, she becomes happy. Tonya doesn't believe him, and Drew believes in him.

When his father tells the whole family that the teacher called this morning, Chris becomes worried. Later at school Chris returns his fake report card to his teacher,she called his family. When Rochelle answers the phone and when she finds out that Chris got an "F" on his report card, she becomes severely mad at Chris. She tried several attempts to make Chris admit that he's got an "F" on his report card including feeding him pancakes at dinner,she goes to his school,and when Chris imagines his whole family, he sees his mother.When his mother tried to make him solve an division equation to make him prove he's got an "A", he doesn't know the answer. At home, Rochelle tells Julius what happened at school with Chris yesterday, and Chris feels sorry for his mother.


  • Julius enjoys watching the Young and the Restless.