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Everybody Hates the Class President is the second episode of Season 2 of Everybody Hates Chris. It is the 24th episode overall.


Chris runs for class president, with his friend Greg as running mate. When a poll reveals that Chris has no chance of winning, he drops Greg for someone more popular. Julius is diagnosed with high blood pressure, and Rochelle decides he must reduce the stress in his life.


  • Caruso calls Chris "McAdoo". It's a reference to Bob McAdoo, a professional basketball player.
  • Tonya claims that Billy Ocean invented the moonwalk. It was really Cab Colloway.
  • The scene where Chris gets chased by Ms. Parnell's dog was banned from airing on some stations due to the fact that one person imitated the scene and ended up breaking their neck the same way Chris did. WDCW was NOT one of the stations, as that very clip is featured in their promo for The CW.