Everybody Hates a Part-Time Job is the twelfth episode of the first season of Everybody Hates Chris.


When Chris needs $50 to buy a leather jacket to look cool, Julius suggests he comes to work delivering papers with him. Meanwhile, after their school is closed to be re-painted, Drew and Tonya engage in a game of "dares" which ends in tears when Tonya is taken to the emergency room after being dared to drink a "hot-sauce shake." Which makes Tonya sick in a stomach flu and needing to go to the doctor. After working with Julius, Chris makes enough money for a leather jacket in 6 months.


  • Goof:When Chris is delivering papers, a modern-day TOYS`R`US can be seen in the background, even though the new version of the logo was made around 2002 not the 80s, which the time in the story is based on.
  • We learn that Julius' nickname with his work buddies is "Herc," short for "Hercules" because of his strength.
  • For the first time, Chris experiences his father curse in front of him while he is on the job, but all the viewers get to hear is a loud horn honking.