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Everybody Hates a Liar is the fourth episode of the second season of Everybody Hates Chris.


Chris gets everyone in the neighborhood to believe that he is dating Tasha. That doesn't set well with Tasha's grandmother, Louise, and she makes sure that Rochelle knows about it. Julius Rock must redeem all of the trading stamps he's been saving. Drew thinks that Rochelle is paying more attention to Chris and Tonya than to him.


Narrator: That look means all seven of the words you can't say on television.

Man (to Chris): Get off of my car, fool!
Narrator: How did he know my nickname?

Rochelle: Chris! Why is Miss Clarkson talking about... (Chris is turned away from her)Boy, turn around before I smack a face onto the back of your head.

Louise (to Rochelle about Chris): I don't know how he wormed himself into my house, but I'll tell you this. If it happens again, there's going to be a problem.
Narrator: "Problem" is a polite word for ass-kicking.

Tasha (to Chris): What were you gonna say about me, Chris? You have something to say, say it to my face.
Narrator: I want my mama!