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Everybody Hates Tasha is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season.


Chris asks Tasha to be his girlfriend, to his surprise, She agrees, but Chris soon learns that having a girlfriend means giving up a majority of his free time. Meanwhile, Rochelle learns that Julius was married once before, and to complicate matters, she finds out he's not legally divorced from her.



Greg (to Chris about Tasha): She's got you running around in matching clothes. It's like you're a life-size Ken doll.
Narrator: I have one thing Ken doesn't.

Greg (to Chris about Tasha): What'd she say?
Chris: She said she'll think about it.
Greg: But what does that mean?
Chris: It means, "Lemme check every option, see if I can get someone I want, and if not, I'll go out with you."
Narrator: When she said every option, she meant every option. She checked blind guys.
Tasha: Do you have a girlfriend?
Blind Girlfriend: Yeah, girl. What are you, blind?
Narrator: She checked dangerous guys.
Tasha: Do you have a girlfriend?
Robber Girl: Yeah, he does! Now gimme your money!
Narrator: She even checked guys who were girls.
Tasha: Do you have a girlfriend?
Androgynous Guy: I'm my own girlfriend.

Narrator: The best thing about the girl next door is that she's right next door, and the worst is that she's right next door.
Tasha: I will not be ignored, Chris.
Narrator: I'm lucky I don't have a pet rabbit.

Narrator: Drew went to the Ike Turner School of Sign Language.

Chris (to Tasha): Why is it that whenever I want to do something, it has to wait till tomorrow, but whenever you want to do something, it has to happen right now?
Tasha: What does that have to do with anything?
Narrator: Welcome to Women's Logic 101.

Chris (to Tasha): I want to break up with you.
Tasha: What? You think you can just say good-bye, walk away and it's over? Yeah.
Chris: Watch. Bye. (leaves)