Everybody Hates Chris Wiki


When Chris struggles with algebra, Rochelle tries teaching him. When her teaching doesn't help, he turns to his grandma for help. Meanwhile, Julius gets Risky a job helping him deliver newspapers. Drew breaks Julius' chair, but Tonya takes the blame and makes Drew wait on her hand and foot.



Caruso (to Chris) Hey, Major Harris. If you mess up our pizza day, I'm gonna smack the crust out of you.

Rochelle (to Chris) :You could work with me. I know algebra like the back of my hand.
Narrator: Which will probably end up upside my head.

Greg (to Chris): If your mom knows algebra, why don't you want her to tutor you?
Chris: 'Cause when I'm working with her, I never learn anything. She's like Bobby Knight. All she does is scream and point.

Rochelle (to Chris while helping him with homework): God, Chris, what kind of answer is that?
Narrator: The kind you come up with, with a crazy woman screaming at you.

Rochelle (to Chris): Chris, how come you just didn't say something instead of sneaking around? What else are you learning on the side? English? Science? History? Where does it stop?!
Narrator: One day, she caught me speaking Latin and kicked me out of the house.

Maxine (to Rochelle): Rochelle, all you did was holler at the boy.
Narrator: My mother was hollering at her boy long before it was cool to holla at your boy.

Julius (to Risky): You can't just up and quit every time you don't like something.
Narrator: It works for Terrell Owens.

Rochelle: Are you telling me I don't know what I'm doing?
Narrator: Yes.
Maxine: Don't ask me, ask him.
Narrator: I'll tell her, and you tell everyone my last words were "Thanks a lot, Grandma."