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Everybody Hates Malvo is the fifth episode of the second season of Everybody Hates Chris.


Doc goes to the bank during the store hours, and asks Chris to run the register while he's gone. When he leaves, Malvo arrives and demands money. Chris gives him some money, and Malvo takes a few other items as well, then leaves. When Doc returns, he and Chris work on some sketches of the robber, but all the sketches are of famous people who clearly aren't the robbers. Malvo arrives during this, and he and Doc talk about the robbery. Before Malvo leaves, he distracts Doc with the cameras, and shows his gun to Chris. Doc fires Chris because he won't tell who robbed the store, but Chris eventually gives in and tells Doc that Malvo robbed the store, so he can get his job back. Doc calls the cops, and they set up an operation to catch Malvo. Malvo arrives and demands the money again, and Chris obeys. Once Malvo gets the money, the cops arrest him.


Julius brings home a Betamax, and allows everyone to use it so long as he can use it to record his own shows. Tonya records over Julius's shows, causing him to yell at her, and the two of them do not talk for a while. Eventually, Rochelle persuades Julius to apologize to Tonya, and they are no longer mad at each other.