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Everybody Hates Fat Mike is the fifth episode of the first season of Everybody Hates Chris.


Despite his parents' warnings, Chris lends his bike to a kid who disappears with it; While Julius is on strike, he proves to be a better housekeeper than Rochelle which makes her very angry.


  • This episode drew 5.37 million viewers, coming fifth in it's timeslot.
  • Greg (Vincent Martella) does not appear in this episode.


Tanya : Can I set Chris on fire? Julius: No, baby. Don't set Chris on fire. Okay? Chris: (narrating) At least this time she asked for permission.

Rochelle : (to Julius): Pick this crap up before I slap the shine off your head!

(As Chris, Tonya and Drew mess up the house) Chris Rock : Black people didn't go this crazy again till the LA riots!

Chris : Between those four dads, they had sixteen jobs and they worked 492 hours a week!

Tonya : Mom, where's Chris? Rochelle : His bike got stolen. I told him not to let anybody ride it. So I smacked him into next week. He'll be back on Tuesday.