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Andrew "Drew" Rock, portrayed by Tequan Richmond, is one of the main characters in Everybody Hates Chris. He is a painter who is Chris' younger brother, but he is fictional as well as Tonya.


Drew usually comes off as the typical younger brother that's better than Chris, but later is shown that he has barely any interest in girls than candy.


Drew is noticeably taller than his older brother Chris. Drew's head is shaved while Chris has a bush. He seems to be quite good looking and boys and girls respect him. He and Tonya get new clothes but Chris wears his clothes as for up until the last season he was about 4 inches bigger than his older brother who is one years older than he is.

In the last season, Chris has grown taller than Drew. He appeared in the series finale "Everybody Hates G.E.D". He was much shorter then Chris in that episode


Drew appeared in all episodes of Everybody Hates Chris. He is one of the main characters and has episodes based on him.