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Corleone Junior High School (or better simply known as Corleone) is a fictional junior high school in the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. It is located in Brooklyn Beach, New York. It is possible Corleone was named after the Corleone family in the Godfather movies.


Corleone Junior High School is where Chris Rock attends junior high throughout the first three seasons of the series as the only black student. Due to it being an all-white school however, the bulk of both the students AND staff are racist, racially-prejudicial, or both and, throughout his time there, almost constantly bullied, flunked, and did just about anything else to victimize Chris for his ethnicity.


Dr. Julius Raymond, former principal
Principal Edwards, principal
Mrs. Abigail Milone, assistant principal
Ms. Vivian Morello, former teacher
Mr. Abbott, guidance counselor


Corleone has a very large sports program such as, basketball, football, baseball, swimming, wrestling, and some others.


Corleone has an enrollment of approximately 2,000. Here are some students that have been mentioned in Everybody Hates Chris.
Chris Rock, the only black student
Greg Wuliger
Joey Caruso
•Frank DiPaolo
Jennifer Thompson
Bernard Yao
Albert, expelled